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Meeting the machines

A few of us at Pedalling Power went over to ‘meet our pedalling power machines last week. They are currently in finishing stages in their workshop in Hackney, where they are happily overlooking the Olympic stadium. They are looking great and we are very excited, though whilst I was busy taking pictures our lighting designer was busy inspecting the batteries, trying to work out how he will light the play on such little power! He maintains he is excited for the challenge!


The two white pedalling power bikes in construction, The one in the right is attached the the battery (brown) that we will be using to store energy on power Cheese, the play.


Our lighting designer, Josh, busily looking over the batteries, calculating how this will all work….


This display will tell you how much power you are pedalling!


Close-up of one of the bike attached to the battery on the foreground (brown).


The pedalling power/fanSHEN tam team talk power, lights, production and theatre, whilst the bike and battery (foreground) look on.


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