Barbican bikes!

You have one day left to catch the pedalling power bikes at the Golden Lanes Sport and Fitness in the Barbcian. They leave tomorrow, Friday 13th, after a successful four days. Have a look at a couple of pictures below to see them ready and waiting and then in use, with the monitor in the bottom left hand corner.

We have had lots of interest this week, with several pedalling for over half an hour and some of the regulars coming back for more the day after! The top results as of Thursday 12th are  42 minutes of pedalling power and 44 watts.

The Fusion Golden Lanes team have been great, getting involved in 2 minute challenges and encouraging gym users to hop on and pedal, so many thanks to all the team there.

After tomorrow you can find them at the City Life Festival on Saturday 14th at Leadenhall Market (12am-4pm) and then next week they will be at Artizan Street Library and Community Centre from the 16th to the 18th.


2013-09-12 16.25.57

2013-09-12 16.33.48




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