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GoodGym pedalling power @ Artizan!

The Pedalling Power bikes are now at Artizan Street Library and Community Centre until Wednesday 18th September and yesterday evening we gad a great session with GoodGym, who are all about getting fit and doing good. They are a group of runners who also get fit by doing physical tasks that benefit the community and last night 28 of them they helped power up our batteries in a series of intense 1 minute challenges! Altogether they produced 60 watts, enough to power two and a half energy saving lightbulbs for an hour! Have a look at some of the pictures below, see how you can get involved with the great work at GoodGym here and come find us at Artizan in the City until tomorrow! (then we are off to Whitechapel Sports Centre).

For more images have a look at Pedalling Power @ Flickr.

2013-09-16 19.41.02

2013-09-16 19.45.44

2013-09-16 20.10.49

2013-09-16 19.54.50

2013-09-16 20.11.18


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