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Free Culture and Climate Change podcasts


Have a listen to ‘Mediating Change‘, a great series of podcasts by The Open University, in partnership with The Ashden Trust (see previous post on this site), and FREE in iTunes,

Our generation has seen the topic of climate change become a major area of concern and research and a hotly contested discussion point in politics. This series of podcasts asks, “how do artists, writers, musicians and broadcasters respond when a new subject appears that is as large and significant as this? What kind of novels, plays, paintings, sculptures, movies and music begin to emerge?”

‘Mediating Change’ is a four-part series, chaired by BBC Radio 4’s Quentin Cooper, which looks at what happens when culture meets climate change. The panelists range from artists and curators to academics and journalists and together they explore the cultural response to climate change, looking at where it started, what it looks like today, who it’s aimed at and where it’s going.

Mediating Change‘ is free from iTunes


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