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The Ashden Trust/Ashden Directory


“Bringing together environmentalism and performing arts”  The Ashden Directory is an interesting resource for anyone looking for a range of information relating to the environment and theatre/performance. Have a browse for useful links, news, interviews, projects, performances and much more. The directory is part of The Ashden Trust, a grant-making charity established in 1989, who primarily support programmes focusing on climate change, sustainable development, or improving the quality of life in poorer communities. They support a wide range of programmes/projects, including those that bring together the arts and sustainability.


2 thoughts on “The Ashden Trust/Ashden Directory

  1. Pius N Mwita foundation requesdting you to grant funding to them funding for a children project in kenya Kuria district.Pius N Mwita is NGO tax exempt registered at both in New Jersey and Kenya EIN 45-5437985. your support will be very much highly appreciated with so much thanks it will help the organization support thorphans children poor children poor families for education, food, uniforms medical
    clean water sanitation malaria etc
    Yours faithfully
    Pius N. Mwita The President

    • :Pius N Mwita Foundation requesting once again for your kind to give consideration to our application. The kuria community is so much waiting to hear from you ant save them from suffering. Please be informed that in
      kuria west and kuria east there is water project at all there are no big rivers
      during dry season people suffer in getting, they have to wake up very earlier
      about 5 AM to to fetch water and come about 7 am or some time at 8 A,M with dirty water and all their crops dried up. Please try to help getting clean water and irrigation to their faming and livestock
      Thank you in advance
      Yours faithfully
      Pius N Mwita
      The President/ Ceo

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