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Pedalling Power @ City Life Festival

Last Saturday (14th Septemebr 2013) the Pedalling Power team were at the City Life Family Festival in Leadenhall Market. This year the festival had a theme of sustainability, with food from the People’s Supermarket, cooking demonstrations from Love Food Hate Waste and, of course, Pedalling Power.

Families are bussed to the festival fro the City of London’s housing estates which meant that Pedalling Power had some of its youngest ever users. It was great to see both young people and their parents really engaging with the machines and their message: “It’s simple Mum, we pedal, that generates electricity, they take the batteries to Oxford Street and power a show.” Other great comments included “wow, I am glad I don’t have to do that every time I charge my phone!” and “Does it really take that much electricity to make a cup of tea?” During the afternoon around 40 people used the bicycle generators.

For once, we didn’t have to provide any music as there were various bands performing – including a group of young people who did a fantastically soulful rendition of Gnarls Barclay’s Begging, the song that kicks off Cheese, the play being powered by all these bikes!

Text from Dan Barnard, Director at fanSHEN and seen here pedalling power at City Life Festival!


fanSHEN’s latest production, Cheese, an absurdist comedy about the financial crisis, and is being powered by energy generated the public, using specially defined gym bikes. The bikes will now be in Whitechapel Sports Centre from 19th to 28th September. For more information on the Pedalling Power project explore this site, for more information on fanSHEN and Cheese click here.




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