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SpinOut meets Pedalling Power!

Outdoors spinning company, SpinOut, left their normal Clapham Common location and joined some of the Pedalling Power team at Artizan Street Library and Community Centre in The City last night, (18th September 2013).  Joining the the SpinOut and Pedalling Power teams were a couple of members of the public, as well as several intrigued onlookers! This unique spinning session combined some of SpinOut’s own bikes and put the Pedalling Power bikes were put into great use; in a hardcore 45 minute workout the team charged up the battery to 100%!

Check out the fun (and hard work!) below and come joining the Pedalling Power team in the next location at Whitechapel Sports Centre, the bikes home until the 28th September. For more information on SpinOut’s great outdoor spinning sessions click here.

Images: Rebecca Enderby


The Spin Out and Pedalling Power team get the bikes ready to spin outside Artizan Street Library


fanSHEN Director Rachel Briscoe explains how the Pedalling Power bikes work:  the energy generated transferred to batteries where it is stored until being put into use to power the play, Cheese. The cyclists can monitor the number of watts being generated as they spin can be seen on a display.


The warm up begins….An orange Pedalling Power bike can be seen on the far left, whilst the other one is just off centre, with the white  circular base.


The SpinOut instructor (at the front) starts to pick up the pace.


The first, of many, intensive intervals.


Power pedalling on one of the customised Pedalling Power bikes


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