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‘Track your progress graphs’ all up and big thanks!

Did you pedal for power over the last three weeks? The graphs are now all up so have a look to find your name and see how you much you and others contributed. Thanks to everyone that took part, you all played a vital role in lighting up the play and making green energy! Everyone deserves a big thank you but need to give a special mention to Sue, who came back time and time again when we are at Barbican and to Sayem at Whitehchapel, who pedalled for an hour and generated a great 50 watts, holding the record for most energy produced in one go (on the graphs you will see Cat produced 53 watts but she is one of us so doesn’t count!). With his 50 watts we can light up TWO 25 watt energy-saving lightbulbs for an hour! Here’s a picture of the triumphant  record holder:



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