About this site


  • Move an object (often a bicycle) by the working of its pedals (verb).


  • In physics: the rate at which energy is transferred, used or transformed. As energy transfer can be used to do work, power os also the rate at which this work is performed
  • Social and political power: the ability to influence the behaviour of people and is accepted as an aspect of humans as social beings. Power is often unevenly distributed and can be seen as unjust, however it is not fixed in one place or form, but is moveable, transferable and changeable.

Pedalling Power is the blogging and visual documentation site for ‘Cheese’, a play on energy, sustainability, climate change and the financial crisis, directed by FanSHEN. In line with the themes of the play, Cheese will be solely powered by energy produced by you, the public. Specially designed gym machines are being custom built and will be placed in three gyms in London. Energy produced by using these machines will be captured, stored and used to light up Cheese.

As well as providing a written and visual documentation of Cheese and the machines, this site also covers issues on energy, sustainability and the arts and considers how theatre, and the arts more broadly, can be best used to engage the public with these issues and do so in a sustainable way.

Pedalling Power brings together people, the arts, science and the environment, and looks at how we can take back ‘power’ through individual and collective action.


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