Pedalling power

Powering theatre, conceptualising energy

Working with pedal-power specialists Magnificent Revolution, theatre company fanSHEN have customised four gym machines so that instead of requiring power to function, someone using them to work out will generate electricity – an amazing untapped source of energy! The machines will link to an ultra-capacitor, in which the electricity will be stored. The ultra-capacitor will then be transported to the performance venue and used to power the fanSHEN’s theatre production of a new absurdist comedy , Cheese.

The machines will be placed in three locations over the thee week performance period of Cheese and everyone is encouraged to use them. Each person contributing to the energy needed to power Cheese, whilst at the same time gaining an appreciation of how much energy is required for day to day life; by exercising on the machines you will be able to measure your workout in terms of household energy usage for example ‘you’ve now generated enough electricity to have boiled a kettle for two cups of tea’! Plus, you will then get money off your ticket to Cheese, depending on how much power you have pedalled!

Full graphic

Location, location, location!

Click here to find out where and when the machines will be available to use and be sure to visit, so that you can help power a play play whilst you work up a sweat. At the end of your workout you will receive a cash-back voucher for the energy you’ve contributed which can be redeemed against the entry ticket price of fanSHEN’s production of Cheese! At the same time you can find out about climte change and sustainable energy and how you can made the transition to a low carbon lifestyle.

To find out about these wonderful machines and follow them being built over August follow this link.


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